Dmitri Pavlov

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Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Texas Tech University.

I am currently looking for Ph.D. students. Email me for additional information.

Email: dmitri.pavlov[remove this text]

Research interests: homotopy theory, functorial field theory, factorization algebras, derived manifolds, higher differential geometry, synthetic differential geometry, Tomita–Takesaki theory, locales and toposes.

Invited talks I have given. A complete list of talks is also available.

Curriculum Vitæ.


Dmitri Pavlov's articles on arXiv.

(with Daniel Grady)
Extended field theories are local and have classifying spaces.
Gelfand-type duality for commutative von Neumann algebras.
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 226:4 (2022), 106884.
(with Daniel Berwick-Evans and Pedro Boavida de Brito)
Classifying spaces of infinity-sheaves.
(with Owen Gwilliam)
Enhancing the filtered derived category.
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 222:11 (2018), 3621–3674.
(with Jakob Scholbach)
Homotopy theory of symmetric powers.
Homology, Homotopy, and Applications 20:1 (2018), 359–397.
(with Daniel Berwick-Evans)
Smooth one-dimensional topological field theories are vector bundles with connection.
(with Jakob Scholbach)
Symmetric operads in abstract symmetric spectra.
Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu 18:4 (2019), 707–758.
(with Jakob Scholbach)
Admissibility and rectification of colored symmetric operads.
Journal of Topology 11:3 (2018), 559–601.
Algebraic tensor products and internal homs of noncommutative Lp-spaces.
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 456:1 (2017), 229–244.

Expository texts

A very gentle introduction to functorial field theory and Chern–Simons theory via bundle 2-gerbes. Handwritten notes of a series of lectures given at Texas Tech in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Classification of irreducible representations of Heisenberg groups and algebras, notes of a talk given on December 11, 2007 at QFT Mini Conference at UC Berkeley: TeX, DVI, PDF.


Lectures on the Atiyah-Singer index theorem, notes for a Spring 2011 course by Peter Teichner.

Notes of Spring 2010 Physics for Topologists Seminar at UC Berkeley.

Scans of papers by other authors.


Scripts for mathematics: automatic downloading of full texts and bibliographic information based on title or repository id.

tspell, a spell checker for TeX files like aspell (using libaspell), but with a much better support for TeX.

jbig2topdf, a program to assemble a bunch of JBIG2 files into a PDF file, which was used to produce the bilevel PDF files on the scans page.

Macros for Knuth's TeX system.

Git tutorial for mathematicians.


Academic ancestors:
Peter Teichner • Matthias Kreck • Friedrich Hirzebruch • Heinz Hopf / Heinrich Behnke • Erhard Schmidt / Erich Hecke • David Hilbert • Ferdinand von Lindemann • Felix Klein • Julius Plücker • Christian Ludwig Gerling • Carl Friedrich Gauß • Johann Friedrich Pfaff
Daniel Berwick-Evans • Pedro Boavida de Brito • Daniel Grady • Owen Gwilliam • Alex Kahle • Jakob Scholbach • Stephan Stolz • Peter Teichner • Peter Ulrickson

Graduated PhD students:

Nilan Manoj Chathuranga Kasisetti Mudalige: Equivalence of complete distributive inverse semigroups and étale localic groupoids, and a characterization of topological orbifolds.
(Co-advisor; advisor: Răzvan Gelca) Rachel Harris: Algorithms for skein manipulation and automation of skein computations.


Topology and Geometry Seminar.

Quantum Homotopy Seminar.

Summer Seminar and Winter Seminar.

Fall 2021: Mathematics 2450.021 (Calculus III), TuTh 9:30–11:30 in MA 16. Syllabus, WeBWorK.

Fall 2021: Mathematics 6330 (Manifold Theory), TuTh 2–3:30 in MA 114. Syllabus, notes, homework.

Spring 2021: Mathematics 5399.002 (Introduction to Modern Algebra II), TuTh 9:30–11 in MA 17. Syllabus, handwritten notes by Jack Weiland, homework 1, 2.

Spring 2021: Mathematics 2360.022 (Linear Algebra), TuTh 11–12:30 in HUMSCI 63. Syllabus, digest, WeBWorK, Blackboard.

Fall 2020: Mathematics 5317 (Introduction to Modern Algebra), TuTh 9:30–11 in MA 109. Syllabus, handwritten notes by Jack Weiland, homework 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Fall 2020: Mathematics 2360.121 (Linear Algebra), online. Syllabus, study guide, digest, review 1, 2, 3, WeBWorK, Blackboard.

Spring 2020: Mathematics 6322 (Homological Algebra II), TuTh 9:30–11 in MA 113 and online. Syllabus, handwritten notes by Rachel Harris, midterm, projects.

Spring 2020: Mathematics 6332 (Geometric Mechanics), TuTh 11–12:30 in MA 17 and online. Syllabus, projects.

Fall 2019: Mathematics 6321 (Homological Algebra I), TuTh 9:30–11 in MA 109. Syllabus, notes, handwritten notes by Rachel Harris, homework, projects.

Fall 2019: Mathematics 6333 (Lie Groups), TuTh 11–12:30 in MA 113. Syllabus, handwritten notes by Rachel Harris, homework, projects.

Summer 2019: Topology Doctoral Preliminary Examination. Practice problems, supplement, May 2019, August 2019, August 2020.

Spring 2019: Mathematics 5325 (Topology II), TuTh 11–12:30 in MA 113. Syllabus, notes, handwritten notes by Rachel Harris, midterm 1, 2, final.

Fall 2018: Mathematics 5324 (Topology I), TuTh 11–12:30 in MA 113. Syllabus, notes, midterm 1, 2, final.

Fall 2018: Mathematics 5365 (Analysis of Algorithms), TuTh 12:30–2 in MA 113. Syllabus, homework: 1, 2, 3, midterm 1, 2, final.

Spring 2018: Mathematics 6325 (Category Theory), MWF 9–10 in MA 10. Syllabus, notes, handwritten notes by Nilan Manoj Chathuranga, homework: 1, 2, 3.

Fall 2017: Mathematics 2360 (Linear Algebra), Section 002, MWF 2–3 in MA 110. Syllabus.


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