Texas Tech Winter Seminar

Time and place: Tuesday or Thursday 1–5 p.m., somewhere.

Organizer: Dmitri Pavlov

Winter Intersession 2020/2021

Functors of points in algebraic, differential, and complex geometry

Notes for the first three talks: PDF.
December 10.
Dmitri Pavlov. Fermat theories and the abstract duality between spaces and algebras.
December 15.
Dmitri Pavlov. Sheaves and functors of points.
December 22.
Dmitri Pavlov. Algebraic geometry of Fermat theories.
January 5.
Dmitri Pavlov. Internal mathematics of categories of sheaves.
January 14.
Dmitri Pavlov. Example: the internal axiom of choice and the Cohen topos.
January 19.
Dmitri Pavlov. Differential forms as the smooth singular infinitesimal cochain complex.