Texas Tech Geometry Seminar

Time and place: Wednesdays 4–5 p.m. in MATH 109.

Official mailing list: math.geometry (add ttu edu at the end).

Organizer: Dmitri Pavlov

Fall 2018 Schedule

August 29
No seminar
September 5
Dmitri Pavlov. From whence do differential forms come? Handwritten notes. Abstract: From Newton to Cartan, infinitesimal quantities were productively used in analysis and differential geometry. This language was cast aside completely by the mid 20th century in favor of ugly limit-style arguments. Yet at the same time André Weil and Alexander Grothendieck came up with a very simple and elegant way to formalize infinitesimals: nilpotent elements in rings of functions. In this expository talk I will explain an extremely elegant formulation of differential forms in this language: the de Rham complex is isomorphic (and not merely quasi-isomorphic) to the infinitesimal smooth singular cochain complex with real coefficients. The talk will be accessible to graduate students, no prior knowledge of differential forms will be assumed or required.
September 12
Continuation of the previous talk.
September 19
Razvan Gelca. The volume conjecture. Abstract: The volume conjecture is a difficult question in Chern-Simons theory. It belongs to the realm of semiclassical analysis, and it establishes a bridge between Witten's and Thurston's theories.
September 26
October 3
October 10
October 17
October 24
October 31
November 7
November 14
November 21
Thanksgiving Break
November 28
December 5