Dmitri Pavlov's scripts for mathematics

article, a bash script to download a paper indexed by arXiv, Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt MATH, CrossRef (DOI), or Library Genesis and save it under a file name like smith-brown-an-example-of-a-model-category.pdf.

mathid, a bash script to retrieve the identifiers in the five repositories above using only the title of a paper. You need xidel and jq to run this script.

show, a bash script to determine the file type based on its contents and launch the appropriate viewer application, uncompressing the file if necessary.

texuni, a C program to recode accented characters in TeX to Unicode.

addbib, a shell script that launches mathid and prints a line that can be used as an input to fetchbib.

fetchbib, a C program that takes a file consisting of lines generated by addbib and prints a Makefile that downloads the bibliographic data from MathSciNet, zbMATH, CrossRef (DOI), arXiv, and Library Genesis and assembles them into a single BibTeX file.

get-ams-key, a tiny shell script to retrieve an AMS mobile pairing key. Run ./get-ams-key >key on a computer with a MathSciNet subscription, then use the option -p $(cat key) with article or mathid on any computer to access MathSciNet as usual.

update-scripts, a tiny shell script to automatically update the scripts. Simply run curl -O; chmod +x update-scripts; ./update-scripts.