Dmitri Pavlov

Postdoc at the University of M√ľnster, Germany from July 2011.

From August 2007 till June 2011 I was a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley under the supervision of Peter Teichner.

Research interests: functorial field theory, quantization, differential homotopy theory, motives, chromotopy, von Neumann algebras.

Email: pavlov[remove this text]

A list of invited talks I have given. A complete list of talks is also available.

Papers and drafts

Also available on arXiv.

Algebraic tensor products and internal homs of noncommutative Lp-spaces. TeX, DVI, PostScript, PDF, arXiv.

(with Stephan Stolz and Peter Teichner) Differential cohomology via smooth topological field theories. Preliminary draft (please do not redistribute): PDF.

(with Daniel Berwick-Evans and Pedro Boavida de Brito) Concordance theory of homotopy sheaves. Preliminary draft: PDF.

(with Daniel Berwick-Evans and Pedro Boavida de Brito) K-theory as the classifying space of 1|1-dimensional Euclidean field theories. Preliminary draft: PDF.

(with Jakob Scholbach) Strictification of commutative ring spectra in model categories. Preliminary draft: PDF.

(with Jakob Scholbach) Higher algebraic cobordism groups. In preparation.

(with Daniel Berwick-Evans) Two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory and its quantization as a local functorial geometric field theory. In preparation.

Noncommutative Lp-spaces of W*-categories and their applications to Lp-modules. Preliminary draft: PDF.

Jones index as a bicategorical trace. Preliminary draft: PDF.

Tomita-Takesaki theory via modular algebras. In preparation.


In Spring 2011 I took notes for a course by Peter Teichner on the Atiyah-Singer index theorem.

Notes of Spring 2010 Physics for Topologists Seminar at UC Berkeley.

Classification of irreducible representations of Heisenberg groups and algebras, notes of a talk given on December 11, 2007 at QFT Mini Conference at UC Berkeley: TeX, DVI, PostScript, PDF.

Notes from Michael Hutchings' Spring 2008 course on Floer theory at UC Berkeley: TeX, DVI, PostScript, PDF.

Notes from Tsit-Yuen Lam's Fall 2007 course on finite group representation theory at UC Berkeley: TeX, DVI, PostScript, PDF.

Ancient history: I passed my Ph.D. qualifying examination on August 25, 2008. Syllabus: TeX, DVI, PostScript, PDF. Transcript: TeX, DVI, PostScript, PDF.

Scans of papers by other authors.


article, a bash script to download a paper indexed by arXiv, Mathematical Reviews, or Zentralblatt MATH and save it under a file name like smith-brown-an-example-of-a-model-category.pdf.

jpegtopdf and jbig2topdf, programs to assemble a bunch of JPEG/JBIG2 files into a PDF file. The latter was used to produce the bilevel PDF files available under the link above.

monitor, a Linux program that monitors a given file and runs a specified command whenever it is modified, moved, or deleted.

Macros for Knuth's TeX system.